Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nothing Good Happens after 2AM

I tell you, I was in near blissful slumber when I thought I heard my phone ring. I ignored it because I thought it was a drunk who dialed the wrong number. And wouldn't you know it a message was left. I didn't recognize the number so I ignored it until I inadvertently heard it today.

Woooo, it was someone who was drunk alright, if not, this person was clearly out of mind when the call was made at 3:30 in the morning. Man, the things that were said, amazing. I can't imagine what the person did to invite such vitriol.

I've never heard such hatred, such ignorance. This person needed a good night sleep, and maybe to sober up, or a change of diet. Such irritability.

I remember a time back in Seattle when an ex girlfriend called. I sure can pick them sometimes. I made it a point not to call that woman after she broke up with me, as a matter of fact I stopped drinking too to prevent myself from doing that. She had seen me and felt I was stalking her. I shuddered when I saw her because I had a friend who had someone put a restraining order on him. She was one of those women who was a spendthrift who always got on my friend's case for not spending enough money on her. So after she broke up with him, he had to deal with the consequences of that, including losing his job, getting evicted, and paying thousands of dollars in fines.

I guess she got her wish.

Anyway, The woman who I dated wanted to let me know she was dating my best friend at the time and they were together at the time. I heard him in the background. He was not pleased she was doing this, but like I said I can pick them sometimes. These scenarios ended my first phase of living in Seattle. I severed ties with my group of friends and moved on alone.

I guess this is my punishment for not going to church. Because after college the only way to meet women, are bars and work and since I worked in many bars, my co-workers hung out in bars.

Like I said, nothing good happens after 2, go to sleep.

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