Sunday, August 12, 2007

How To Waste TIme.... Scanman style

I did my usual routine of looking up, via Wikipedia, who died. Legendary media mogel Merv Griffin died. It was believed he was the richest entertainer in show biz since he owned the second and third most successful syndicated shows, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

I'm not interested in how rich he is but I wanted to get a laugh on an old SCTV skit The Merv GriffITH show. It took the old Andy Griffith show and put Merv Griffin as the lead. I couldn't find it but man did I find a weird skit featuring Pat Paulson, it never aired and you can see why. Still, look at the audience! Every one was laughing their ass off, and you know they aren't all racists. I understand the context of the skit but wow.

Anyway, the guy laughing next to Merv Griffin is Doug McClure, a washed up actor who was the partial inspiration for Troy McClure from the Simpsons. In reading the history of the fictional character I led myself to the Chemosphere page. That was the inspiration for the house that Troy McClure lived in in the "Fish Called Selma" episode. The Chemosphere page led me to the Funicular page, cuz I had to find out what the F*** a Funicular is. When I found out I looked up Angels Flight, which is the famed one in LA. It's one I rode on back with my old girlfriend back in the 90's. It was fun. I then went to the Indestructible Man page, which is a bad movie it was featured prominently in, a movie made funny by the Mystery Science Theater crew, and finally I stopped, realized almost an hour went by, I could've been watching the Today show instead, but realize that the Today show is a cancer on society. So I got coffee,

The End.

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