Monday, August 13, 2007

Kid's Getting Big

I had not seen my nephew in about a month so I had to get my fix in this weekend. He's a running demon now. He has been wearing a helmet to shape his head more even looking. The side effect it makes Sean more adventurous. He stumbles a lot and hits his head in his crib, so there is a little concern when he gets his helmet removed in September.

He's getting to be a lot like Scanbro. I remember his father at this age, and yeah I see a lot of Scanbro in Sean. They are gonna have their hands full.

Scanbro and Scansisinlaw are looking for a new house, mainly because they do NOT have a kid friendly place. They are on a steep hill with busy traffic running in the front of the house. They need something that's more flat.

Anyway, a good visit.

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