Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Good Haircut Is Hard To Find

I got my haircut today. No big deal except I find it hard to get the haircut I want. It's summer, it's hot, humid, so I want my hair cropped short, very short but every time I ask for it, the haircutters think it's not what I really want. The reason they say is that because I am starting to thin on top in front so therefore I don't really want my hair buzzed. I understand why, they want me to look good when I walk out the door. However, I'm of the mindset that a good haircut is one that looks good two weeks later, and these days I need a haircut by then and I like getting a haircut only once every three months.

Part of the trouble is I haven't found a good haircutter. I spent years growing my hair so it wasn't until about 2002 when I found my hair cutter in a Astor Place type of place in lower Queen Anne in Seattle. I always got the same hair cutter, she always happened to be there. I never had to reserve my place. I haven't found that person in Jersey yet. I came close with a barber shop in Spring Lake. One barber was good but the other one was.....


He wasn't old, maybe 50, but he wheezed and coughed and rubbed his face like he was 90. Not a pleasant experience for hair cutting. He cut my hair once, I wanted to wait for the other guy like that Seinfeld episode but I didn't want to offend him.

So, still looking.

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