Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Good To Laugh

Sometimes I consider myself a cynic. A snarky one at that. I can't buy into the positive reinforcement bullshit some people give me. They don't understand angst and reality of the majority of people. One of the worst things I see are motivation posters. I was rifling through the Internet looking for poster ideas when I came across this page . I had not laughed out loud in such a long time. I guess I laugh at truth. I just worry that I don't take glee in the misfortunes of others, although with Paris Hilton....okay you can stop now Scanman.

We always hear about the people who got rich from nothing, but never hear about those who went the other way. Which brings up this question. How come the richest people in America aren't direct descendants of our forefathers? What happened to their wealth?

How come the word okay requires a spellcheck?

Why are McMansions beige?

What's wrong with the Mets?

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