Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's Hear It for George

Okay, in looking up video footage of Ringo Starr, I came across some fun George Harrison clips.

The first clip is from a British show where he performed "My Sweet Lord" or does he?

The second clip is a promo piece involving Eric Idle and Neil Innis, who were the stars of the Rutland show that the first clip was from. They also collaborated on The Rutles.

George Harrison was the first Beatle to be on Saturday Night Live. He appeared with Paul Simon where they performed "Here Comes The Sun" and other songs.

And the following two clips are of Paul McCartney reacting first, John Lennon's death and then George Harrison's death 21 years later. It's interesting to contrast the reactions. With John Lennon's death it was a shock and you can tell Paul was trying to be polite but comes across as flippant with the "It's a Drag" quote. In context, it doesn't come across as crass.

However, when George Harrison died, Paul knew it was coming, remembers what happened before and reacts accordingly. So, what will be said by Paul when it's Ringo's time to go? Assuming he dies first, which if you believe one fan's interpretation is that each Beatle dies in the order of coolest to least cool. So Ringo is next.


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