Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where's the Live Version Of Maybe I'm Amazed?

I went on I-tunes today and was excited to see that Paul McCartney and Wings are finally available on I-tunes! Now, everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the Beatles to be available on I-tunes, and feel they have to settle for just Paul. Me, I'm the opposite. I have no need for the Beatles to be on I-tunes. I have every Beatle album available on CD and have uploaded them on my Ipod. for those who don't have the CDs, they are readily available at any store. The Beatles don't have too many redundancies to have to scour through, except maybe the either of the two Yellow Submarine soundtracks. So, I don't worry about the Beatles I-tunes availability.

Paul McCartney on the other hand is hard to find many of his CDs. Many are out of print and others are bad copies. I like his Wings stuff, but his albums have too much filler that would have been complimented by some of the better John Lennon solo material. I have the two Paul McCartney compilations and I have Band on The Run, so I got the best known songs from his catalog. So far I have uploaded the non live version of "Coming Up" from McCartney II.

As far as I know, it looks like every album Paul McCartney released since his Beatles days is available. Including the compilations. So, if I take the time I can probably upload some gems from the more obscure albums. There is one album missing from the I-tune collection and it is "Wings Over America" a live album I had bought back in the 80's that I think has never been released on CD. It's a good album which includes Beatle songs and one Moody Blues song sung by Wings member Denny Laine. The highlight of the album for me is the live version of "Maybe I'm Amazed", probably Paul McCartney's most famous solo song. I like the version on McCartney but I love the live version. It was a hit in 1976 and has only been available on this album. I'm bummed that this isn't available on I-tunes. Yes, there's a live version on "Back In the USA" but that doesn't cut it for me.

This version was Paul McCartney at the top of his game. The tour in 1976, was his first since his Beatles days. He was itching to go on the road on his terms, singing his expanding catalog of solo hits. It was an opportunity to sing his songs with a sound system worthy of his talents. And judging by the footage at the Kingdome, he succeeded. Now make it available to download already! I pay!

Now it's time for Ringo to get his catalog available.

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