Saturday, June 09, 2007

Good Luck

I have some issues that much is true. I get agitated at some little things in life. I hate being patronized, for one thing. I also don't like false positive thinking cliches used when I call bullshit bullshit.

One of the most innocuous things that can be said recently has driven me to almost to madness and that's the phrase "Good Luck". It's been said to me a lot these days and always because of the fact that I'm struggling to figure out how to get a good job and move on in my life. I know the reality that the next six months of my life is going to suck. "Good Luck" was said to me by my boss after he fired me. "Good Luck" was said to me by a recruiting agency that wasn't going to use my services. "Good Luck" was said by my friend after I spilled my guts on my anxiety of what the future holds for me.

Good Luck. I ain't never had good luck outside of the good luck of not being in poverty or chronically ill. Good luck is what I need because reality isn't presenting to me any good opportunities. Looking for work in the papers and the recruiting web sites seems to be a dead end. I have been networking as good as possible, but my networking connections are limited and my employment record is borderline hideous, no wonder Scangirl left me. So luck, or divine intervention needs to interfere because I lack the ability to get a good job. My resume and my portfolio is out there sent to hundreds of potential employers. Luck would determine that a forgotten job I applied to months ago would call. It happens with the crappy restaurant jobs, why can't it happen to the better graphic design jobs I apply to?

Anyway, "Good Luck" is like "Niagara Falls" in a Three Stooges routine or "Susquehanna Hat Company" in an Abbott and Costello routine, to me. I don't need luck I need a good job.



AlNickerson said...

I hope that wasn’t me who wished you "good luck". I don’t usually say "good luck" because, well,… I don’t believe in luck. I usually mention that I’ll pray for someone, which I then do right away. And I have been praying for you, of course.

Still, keep in mind that you do have friends. If one of them wished you "good luck", I’m sure they meant it because they are genuinely concerned about you. A stranger wishing you such might come off sounding cold and insincere.

You still have friends. :)

Scanman said...

No, you didn't, I won't reveal who did, and he meant no offense. I'm just oversensitive now. I'm venting with my blog to pass time and to resist making contact with someone I will regret. I have too much time on hand by myself, so I go over and over in my head what wen wrong in the last two months, and being angry at the good weather, because I am not able to share it. Hence why I call you when I'm at the beach, lake and bike trail.

AlNickerson said...

Maybe this extra time can be spent working on some of your comics? It's how I spend my time when I'm not inking for a publisher. Also, working on PIPEDREAMS should get your mind off of worrisome topics. You’ll get a job soon. In the meantime, being productive can be a good thing. :)

Scanman said...

When I stress on looking for work i can't work on comics. No ideas come to my head and my hands shake and I feel like I'm wasting time. i know it's all bullshit but my head is a mess