Thursday, October 12, 2006

You Don't "Pass Away" In A Plane Crash

Well, yesterday was a weird day. I was looking forward to my day off, reading about the Mets finally taking the Yankees off the back pages of the New York tabloids. When I looked outside and saw that the weather wasn't looking good for a day of bike riding. I took a chance anyway and rode my bike around to the library when the rain started falling. I was debating whether to get beer to watch the Mets first game in the NLCS. I didn't thinking that the game may get called off due to the rain.

Anyway, I get home, a little wet, and turned on the TV to see if anything was happening. That's when I saw the news that a plane had crashed into a building on the upper east side. Since it was Fox News I first had on, there was talk of terrorism, the other stations were more sober with the coverage basically acknowledging it was a small plane, and that it wasn't an act of terrorism. I speculated it might have been a suicide crash but after seeing the same footage over and over again on TV I turned it off to listen to sports radio.

I has happy that they were not talking about the crash, after all it's not a sports story right? Mike and the Mad Dog were on, getting ready to talk about the Mets for a change and not the drama that is the Yankees. They were talking to Darryl Strawberry, bringing back memories of 1986, Darryl was charming, I like hearing him these days talk about the current Mets. He was to throw out the first pitch for the first game.

Then, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo interrupted with the news that the plane that crashed into the apartment building was registered to the Yankee pitcher, Cory Lidle. Within a minute he had been identified as one of the deceased in the crash. Holy Crap! What is going on with the Yankees? Wow, this makes all the other Yankee drama irrelevant. It brought back memories of Thurman Munson, who died in a plane crash in August of 1979.

The weird thing was that Cory Lidle had a contentious interview the other day on the Mike and The Mad Dog show about some quotes he made about the Yankees not being "prepared" for the Tigers. Since it's confrontational radio, the hosts took it as a slam of Joe Torre and Cory Lidle struggled to defend his words. Anyway, it was weird, the rain fell, the Mets game was postponed, and my day off turned out to be a drag.

One of the tributes to Cory Lidle had him on a plane flying around California and the ironic thing was I felt a little jealous of his joy at being able to be in the air enjoying one of his favorite past times. Another tribute had highlights of every team he played for, including the Mets. He was a pretty good pitcher with a 82-72 record. He was on 7 teams over the years so many people including his former teammates on the A's, were affected by the tragedy.

Anyway, today there will be a Mets game, I will enjoy it (on radio) while I'm working but it will be with a bit of a heavy heart.

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