Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Not Looking Good.....

So, the Mets are down to two games to one in the National League Championship. I was confident they would be up two to one, but alas here we are. When the Mets were rained out for their first game it basically would wreak havoc on its pitching rotation. Unfortunately, the Mets were not able to adjust their pitching staff to take in account that they may have to use 5 starters, or have Tom Glavine pitch with short rest.

However, this would be moot if the Mets would continue to play like they had all year. Tom Glavine did his job by pitching a shutout gem in game one. I conceded game two to the Cardinals because their ace Chris Carpenter was on the mound. It looked good at first when the Mets scored more runs in the first inning of game 2 than they did in the whole of the first game. John Maine could not hold the lead however. He's a rookie, pushed into this role because of the injuries to Orlando Hernandez and Pedro Martinez. All he had to do was pitch five innings and give up less than 4 runs. He couldn't do that. So the Mets continue to score some runs to have a 6 to 4 lead. All Mota had to do was hold them to one run. He couldn't do it.
so, the Mets were tied 6 to 6 going into the ninth, All Billy Wagner had to was hold it to that score. He couldn't do it. None of the pitchers did what they are capable of doing. So it was a tough loss.

So the third game comes and Steve Traschel needed to pitch a solid game to get a win. The Cardinals had their pitcher with a high ERA. Traschel pitched awful and Jeff Suppan pitched brilliant, so we are now down, two to one with an unproven pitcher starting game 4.

Hoo Boy.

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