Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh Well, Maybe Next Year...

I am starting to write this as the bottom of the ninth gets going in game 7 of the NLCS. It appears the Mets will lose. The rain did not stop the game soon enough to prevent the Cardinals from scoring two runs in the top of the ninth. It was a tensely close game, a tie in fact, until the ninth. One of the Molina brothers hit a two run home run to put the Cards on top, and I now write this with Jose Valentin on first with Endy Chavez at bat.

Endy Chavez has not done squat at bat the whole series but man did he have a hell of a play in the sixth inning to rob Scott Rolen of a home run and made a double play of it.
Oh, wait Chavez got a hit and Cliff Floyd is at bat. I am not going to hope yet, I am not going to the TV I will merely listen until the proper moment. I will see the last out though.

Cliff Floyd is hanging in there, though it is a 2 and 2 count. Boy I hope he becomes the hero, NO! he struck out.

Reyes is up, not likely a double play. Ball 1. Strike 1. I saw THAT pitch. I want to see the final out. Strike 2 on Reyes. Crap! Fouled off, still 1 and 2. He flied out!

I watched LaDuca get a walk. Bases loaded two outs, Beltran at bat. HE Struck out!!!!

Shit! Time to watch Stephen Colbert. It was a good season and I AM looking forward to next season. The Mets unlike the Yankees have a good foundation for future titles. It's just the beginning Mets fans, we were short-handed in this series and it would have been great to see Orlando Hernandez pitch in the World Series, It's too bad that Endy Chavez's catch was all for naught. It was a hell of a play tough...

Sigh, HEAVY sigh.

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