Thursday, October 05, 2006

So Far, so good...

I watched most of the Mets game yesterday and the good news is that they won, and in a way that was similar to many games they had won during the regular season. However, I missed the play of the game because of a habit I developed nearly twenty years ago when I exploded at a family gathering as I watched the Mets blow a game against the Phillies. Since I embarrassed myself that day, I have watch Mets games with apprehension sometimes.

So, during the second inning the Dodgers had two base runners on with no one out. I saw Russell Martin hit a ball against the wall, since I knew it was a hit I flipped the channels so I could calm down. I turned back a few minutes later to see that the Dodgers had only scored one run, whew! but I was confused at how it was only one run. The wrong man was on base, Where was Russell Martin? Surely, he must have been on base. He got the hit. And if Martin got out at second surely J.D Drew would have been at third. And how did Marlon Anderson get on base? I found out later what happened. Both base runners (Drew and Kent) were out at the plate on a bang bang double play. It was one of the weirdest plays in baseball history. If memory serves it only happened twice before, both involving the Yankees. One was done in 1985 involving Bobby Meachum and Dale Berra being tagged out by Carlton Fisk of the White Sox. Sure enough by the time the game was over, that play was aired over and over. The other time happened in the 30's involving Lou Gehrig of disease fame.

So I missed the play, I saw most of the rest of the game. I saw a move by Willie Randolph that didn't work out and I was wondering if the Dodgers were going to be the team of destiny this year like in 1988.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end. Billy Wagner had a one run save, and we play game 2 tonight.

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