Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Are the Cops Outside Our Apartment Building?

I moved into Royal Court three months ago thinking I had found the ideal place to live, It's quiet, in a good neighborhood and has well groomed landscape. So, why is a visit from the cops a frequent event at the Royal Court?

I woke up around 9 O'clock this morning to get my coffee and newspaper. When I got back I noticed two cop cars hanging outside of the building next to the one I live in. I went to the recycling bin a few times and one of the cops was still there. I kept seeing him everything I went out to put yet more beer bottles in the recycling. I always get paranoid around cops. I wonder if he was scrutinizing my actions as I was putting stuff like garbage in the bin. I wasn't breaking the law but I still felt unnerved.

Anyway, I know it wasn't me that he was checking out, but I have been surprised at how my first impressions of apartments I move into gets squashed months later.

I worked with a neighbor at my previous job and she had mentioned how often cops came to her building to deal with domestic disturbances. She mentioned that the building across the way has many calls too. Now, mind you, this is an expensive town I live in, I felt fortunate to find this place where the price was right. I got scrutinized by the landlord on income and previous places I lived. So I get surprised knowing a possible criminal element lives here.

This reminds me of a previous place I lived at in Federal Way, Washington. I had a long relationship that went sour and was looking for a place to live I could afford in town. I wasn't making much money but I did not want to live in a scummy place. Actually I was kinda looking for a bachelor like pad to move on with my life.

I found an apartment complex that seemed to fit the bill. The apartments were all one bedrooms, two steps above the cheapest places available, and near easy transit to the city of Seattle. It seemed to fit the bill, it had a handball court and was near some pubs. Whoo boy did I misjudge. I think I was one of the few people who paid full rent with out any public assistance.

I was in the middle apartment of a three story building, whose upstairs neighbor was a sexually active grandmother on Social Security and my downstairs neighbor was a single mother with I dunno how many children in a ONE bedroom apartment.

I had a neighbor across the way who was a mentally challenged woman who was being exploited by her brother who wasn't all there himself. This was not the ideal place to start my life over as a single guy on the make. I moved out a year later to Seattle into a smaller, less nice apartment in a much better neighborhood.

So, I'm not sure how my life will be living here now. I am committed to be here until July of 2007. After that, who knows? If I finally get a good job in the city I will want to move closer than I am now. It's not too far from the city as the crow flies but unfortunately crows aren't public transportation. It takes at least an hour and a half.

So cops will you leave already, ya makin me nervous!

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