Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh Shit! I Can't Vote

It just dawned on me that I will not be able to vote in next month's mid term elections. I've been back in New Jersey for over a year and have yet to register to vote. I don't know why. I have been into all the races that are occurring in the US this year and am fascinated at the turn of events that may occur. Still, I made no effort to register, I don't know where to register, heck I don't even know who my Congressman is.

The last time I failed to vote was in 1994. That was the year the Republicans took over Congress for the first time in over 40 years, much to my chagrin. To add insult to injury I had just moved to Federal Way, WA and my congressman, a moderate Democrat named Mike Kriedler had lost to a right wing wacko, Randy Tate. It was a bummer that year so I wonder what kind of karma is gonna happen this year.

I, of course would like the Democrats to win back Congress and yes, it's mainly because I can't stand George Bush and I want the Bush agenda to be stopped. That should be reason enough. He lost the popular vote in 2000, and yet he took over the White House as though he had a Reagan84 like mandate to do whatever he wanted. In the first months of office he smeared the Clinton administration with lies like supposed vandalism on Air Force 1 and the White House. He ignored the Clinton administration's warnings about terrorism, Instead he wanted to revive the failed Star Wars missile programs from the 80's years after the Cold War ended. He eliminated history's largest surplus and replaced it with history's largest deficit. He caved in to the Chinese when they captured one of our spy planes. He allowed his campaign supporters to have a joy ride on a nuclear submarine that killed 9 Japanese tourists. All this was BEFORE September 11th...

After September 11th 2001, Bush had the opportunity to define himself but he squandered the goodwill of most Americans by trying to dismantle every social program that most Americans have relied on, just to appease the right wing neo-con artists whose whim George Bush seemed to obey. So yeah, I want the Democrats in control of Congress just to at the very least force Bush to use his veto pen.

I can't vote this time so I'll have to accept the consequences regardless of the outcome. I can't complain because I will not vote or can I?

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