Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who To Vote For...

As I stated in a previous post I am not registered to vote here in New Jersey. I have voted in every important election except one, 1994. That was the year the Republicans took over Congress after a long Democratic run. I am a liberal with who usually votes for Democrats (None of that 3rd, 4th, 5th party candidates for me).

A funny thing happened after 1994. Bill Clinton became a very effective president with the Republican congress keeping him honest as he kept Congress in check. Rudolph Giuliani was very popular mayor of liberal New York for 8 years. It's not always wrong to vote for the other guy every once in awhile.

So, what am I trying to say? I don't know, wait! I've been looking at the New Jersey senatorial race and I kinda want Tom Kean to win. I'm not a big fan of Robert Menendez and I think New Jersey needs a few Republicans to fix things in New Jersey. Does that make me a conservative? A little. Fiscally I am, but I am more for checks and balances. That's why I am iffy with Kean. He's a Republican, a moderate, but he's a person that can't be counted on to take on George Bush.

People say that the Democrats are only for being against Bush. Well, that's good enough for me. I have never despised any president in my life like I have Bush. He's reckless with our money and our soldiers lives. His words and actions have put Americans in grave danger around the world. He needs to be stopped. He ran in 2000 as a "uniter not a divider" and lost the popular vote. Yet, he ran his presidency as though he had a mandate from the majority of the American people. His actions and stubbornness to acknowledge any wrongdoing has divided this country in a way that hasn't been seen since the Vietnam War era.

I would be willing to vote for Kean if there was a certainty that the Democrats would be in charge. I doubt he would be an extreme partisan but I feel he would side with Bush too many times for the good of the country. Bush would get cocky if the Republicans gained seats and rightly so, me, I like to see at least one Democrat behind Bush when he has his State of the Union address, maybe he might even be a good the last two years of his presidency.

We'll see

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