Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Don't Know How To Enjoy Myself

I hate my job, despise it no less, so when I have a day off, I should make the most of it, right? Not me. I guess part of it is the fact I have a day off in the middle of the week. This could be a good thing because places are less crowded for fun during the week. I did enjoy myself last week when I went to Lambertville, New Jersey and by association New Hope, Pennsylvania. These towns are literally connected by an attractive bridge. It's an old town where many of the buildings were from the 18th and 19th century. They run along the Delaware River and they each have a canal that had to be source of income in its early heyday. It's attractive, especially in the fall. It's a tourist town filled with boutiques and trendy cafes. This is not a bad thing but it is a familiar thing these days.

I went there with Scangirl to seek out the Riverhorse Brewery. It's a converted factory that has tours and tastings. They had a great deal. One dollar got you a 4oz sampling of four of their beers. I enjoyed one and a half samples of their product. We then crossed into Pennsylvania where we stopped at some knick knack stores and I had yet more samples of beer at the Triumph Brewery brewpub. Very enjoyable for a fan of craft brewery. I love the area and would be happy to live there. It's artsy, reminds me of parts of Seattle and San Francisco, but alas may be too far away from New York to be practical.

I have only one day a week off, it seems to be a trend of New Jersey restaurants to work you less than 40 hours a week and six days a week. A legitimate reason to hate my job, second one in a row to pull that shit. I moved away form Seattle to get away form this and yet I come across worse situations. I guess that's the price you pay for living in an area whose economy is only strong for barely 3 months a year and now it's the other 9 months I have to get used to...

Yesterday was another day off, and I tried to get by on shopping. I bought needed shoes, unneeded pants, and a few other things. Scangirl joined me but it wasn't very fun. It was a nice day but I dunno, I bought my shoes at the Jackson Outlets but I find much of anything more depressing than an outlet mall. I don't know why. I dropped off some home made cards for my brothers son Sean at my Dad's place but did not see my parents at all.

I dunno. I guess I can make more visits to New York. It's a great time to go, but I get depressed knowing it ain't the same city I used to live in. I couldn't begin to imagine how I would ever live there again and if I want to.

I could go to the movies, but it is a weak time for movies and I live in a very weak area for movie venues. I got spoiled by my options living in Seattle. I always find it ironic that there are less options for movies in a 12plex than a 3plex in the city. Or maybe it's just a bad movie season.

I try to work on my cartooning but get stymied by my inability to draw basic things sometimes. Couches! eeesh. Pickup trucks! Don't get me started. Oh, well I could vent more, but I try to respect the privacy of those I want to write about. This is a blog not a diary.

Anyway, I'll try to figure things out the next time I write..

Or maybe I just can't have fun because the Mets are not in the World Series, maybe it bothers me more than I let on...

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