Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recession Diets

I've noticed that some people have lost weight recently. Many of the heavier people on my job who've lost weight have said it was because they now walk to stores close to them because the cost of gas has gone up so much. They have cut down on food spending at the airport bringing food from home. They are cutting down on pub food and fast food. Net result: weight loss. This has encouraged them to keep it up. Bicycles are being brought out for small errands which gives them exercise, saves them money and gives us cleaner air, Good for them.

On the other hand the bad economy can have a reverse effect on people. There are those who used to get the more expensive food like at natural markets like Whole Food Markets. Vegetable prices have increased so much, that they go back to cheaper processed food and non organic ingredients. The economy has made it difficult for people to justify paying for monthly health club fees. So now you have health devotees walking down the soda aisle of cheaper supermarkets looking sluggish and miserable.

They just need to do "Automatic Exercise". Walk to places that are within two miles. Don't drive to a place to jog or bike. Bike to places within five miles. Walk from store to store when you're at a strip mall. Walk when you're hungry, it suppresses appetite. Commute to work by bike if possible. You don't need that health club. Especially if you're paying but not using it because the gas prices make you think twice about going.

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