Thursday, July 10, 2008

Atlantic Highlands vs. Highlands

So I decided to stay another year in my teeny tiny apartment in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. It was made necessary when I had to get a new clutch for my car. Lots of money getting a new clutch. It nearly wiped out the money I saved for moving. It's just as well, because in looking for a place closer to Newark Airport, I was unable to find a satisfying place within my price range.

Besides, I'm planning on moving back to Seattle sometime next year and thought maybe it'll be less stressful not moving yet again before I do that. I have already lived in four different places in a three year period. Besides I can save more money and not have too much stuff to move next year.

Anyway, a lot of people get confused at what town I live in. It's understandable. I live in a rather isolated shore town on the south shores of Raritan Bay. The town of Atlantic Highlands is located next to another town called Highlands. Confusing, I know. My family gets confused at which is which. Heck, even someone I knew who lived their whole life at the shore gets confused. So here's a primer:

Atlantic Highlands:

*Has a downtown movie theater with 5 screens
*Has a Foodtown across highway 36.
*Has a frufru ice cream shoppe.
*Has Victorian mansions dotting its hills of various conditions
*Has a bike trail that goes west to Keyport
*Has no karaoke bars. sigh.
*Has cool stone bridge featured in Clerks II
*Other locations featured in Clerks.
*People are dull but not tacky
*Has Fireman's Fair
*Has casino on its waterfront
*Has teeny tiny disappointing library


*Has the Twin Lighhouses overlooking its downtown
*Has tacky nightclubs like the Sugar Shack.
*Has even tackier karaoke bars
*Most houses are tiny bungalows
*Any big house is a ridiculous McMansion on a tiny lot
*People are xenophobic about the very people who keep their economy afloat
*Sandy Hook is right next to it.
*Has no chain restaurant or grocery stores
*Has plenty of price gouging sea food establishments
*People are not dull but very tacky
*Has St. Patrick's Day parade
*Has cool drawbridge that is being torn down


*Have stops for ferries going to Manhattan
*Border Middletown
*Have Quik Check and Mt. Mitchell at its border
*Have fishing piers

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