Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Couch Begone!

I finally got a bed. It took a lot longer than I hoped but I didn't have much choice. My car and my THREE different flat tires plus the clutch bit into my savings pretty hard so I had to delay. Anyway, I drove my mattress home only to have yet another flat tire. My FOURTH different one. So, now I sleep in a bed where I can roll over with reckless abandonment. Once I finally pay off my car and my insurance, I can save up the money I need to get back to Seattle.

Anyway the couch I was sleeping on, which was comfortable is gone. It served its purpose for over twenty years. It was in my parents living room in Flanders, Manchester. I took it to my place in Spring Lake Heights, to make the place less pathetically empty. My roommate didn't appreciate it at all, hated the way it looked. The couch wasn't top of the line but certainly wasn't a tacky Lazy Boy monstrosity you see in most peoples living rooms.

When my roommate left she took the bed she bought so the couch was my bed for the next year. It was comfortable but it's hard to impress women with your ability to tough it out on a couch. Now that the economy is tough, Ikea may impress people now, or maybe not.

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