Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FIVE Times?!!!!! I'm Annoyed!!

If it's Tuesday it must be karaoke, unfortunately it is becoming a bore!

My Tuesdays are still my favorite time of the week. I sleep in, 'til almost 8 o'clock in the morning! I listen to one of my favorite radio shows, Stephanie Miller but she's on vacation! I went to my new favorite beach, Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook. I got some sun but didn't go too far. I wanted to get back to my apartment in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey so I can see a movie at my movie theater in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. It's a decent theater a mere 8 blocks from my apartment. But it doesn't have good popcorn. That's okay, because I can eat my own popcorn at my place before the movie. It's just as well because I can finish a large bucket before the opening credits are finished.

The movie I chose to see was WALL-E. It's a Pixar film. I've seen every one in the theater, this was actually the first one I saw alone. I've always seen Pixar films on a date. I really didn't have much interest in seeing the movie when I saw the initial previews. It seemed too cutesy. A lovable machine? I felt I got burned at "Cars". Anyway, WALL-E may be the best movie Pixar has done. It starts off like it's trying to be like 2001. No dialogue until about 30 minutes into the movie. Just noise and pantomime. wow. I love the fact that Pixar has the independence to do a film like WALL-E. The scenery as usual is exquisite. The plot solid and the cuteness is appropriate. See this damn movie!

Anyway, I went about going to Jack's in Long Branch to sing. I sang 5 ti,es but man it was a drag. We're full on to summer and much of the school crowd is gone and anyone left over doesn't want to sing. Now, I like to sing a lot but man I hate it when I'm nearly the only one singing. When I was in Seattle and hung out at Ozzie's I loved it! Ozzie's was MY place so I felt comfortable. Jack's is NOT my place. It's the bar I go to on Tuesdays.

Anyway, I was searching for songs I had not done before. I went to the Beatles and asked about the company that did the song "I Got A Feeling" from Let It Be. I love the song but it's a duet. Some duet songs are easy to sing on your own especially if they are duets involving two people of the same gender. This song starts with Paul singing "I Got A Feeling, A Feeling Deep Inside Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah..."

So far so good. It has two verses and a bridge. Then John kicks in with "Everybody Had A Hard Year, Everybody Had A Good Time..." Now if the karaoke CD was correct in its interpretation of the song, it still would have been "so far, so good" but they fucked it up! It's the same karaoke company that has given me fits the last two weeks. Still even if they didn't fuck it u, there is still the part of the song where Paul sings his part at the same time John sings his part. No harmonising just the beautiful practice of singing two "songs" at the same time and making it work. The problem is that I haven't lined up a male partner to duet with, a fair amount of women have asked me to be their partner but men? Karaoke Steve didn't know it either. Oh well. The video I found is a clip from the movie "Let It Be" which still has yet to be released on DVD. I hope the clip makes sense of my gibberish.


So, in looking for more Beatles songs I had not done I came across the George Harrison gem "Old Brown Shoe". I got to know the song from my worn out cassette copy of the blue 1967-1970 compilation. I did pretty well on the song, George was the third best singer of the Beatles closely behind John. Therefore it was easy. There is no real Beatles clip of the song. I couldn't find a decent George Harrison solo version either. So, the clip is homemade but it's pretty good.


I had not wanted to do two songs in a row by the same band but my second song I wanted to do was unavailable at the time. It came up later. The third song I sang was "Sour Girl" by Stone Temple Pilots. The song suits me to a T. Not only is it in my key but the lyrics fit my life. It's about how a man dates someone who is unhappy and he knows it's his fault. I sang this a lot when my six year relationship was over but it still works on my more recent failures at having a long lasting relationship. The video is interesting, it features Sarah Michele Gellar, a woman I have no interest in. A paradox to be sure.


The fourth song I sang is yet another duet song I've wanted to do. It's not as extreme as "I Got A Feeling " but the cd made it extreme. It's Temple Of The Dog's "Hunger Strike" Basically Temple Of The Dog is Pearl Jam with Soundgarden's lead singer and drummer. Funny enough that drummer, Matt Cameron is now Pearl Jam's drummer.

Temple Of The Dog was a tribute band dedicated to Andrew Wood, lead singer of Mother Love Bone. He died in 1990. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was good friends with Andy Wood and got together with two members of Mother Love Bone, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. They invited a surf bum from San Diego named Eddie Vedder to the sessions. They were interested in Eddie being the lead singer in a new band. They released the album early in 1991, where it faded quickly into obscurity. A year later after Soundgarden, and especially Pearl Jam achieved mainstream success, the album was re-released with a video.

I crapped out on the song because I needed a partner. Since the crowd was indifferent it didn't matter. The video of the song is great. It was filmed in Seattle right about the time I moved there. It was filmed in Magnolia, close to where I worked and totally brings back that era for me. I miss those days.


So the night was a bust but still I wanted more. I was trying to get this girls' attention but she was kinda being "pestered" by someone else. Anyway by the time I got to sing again she was gone so I sang Jon Paul Young's "Love Is In The Air" by myself. Oh well.

I love this song. It played on the AM radio when I was a kid and was a highlight form the movie "Strictly Ballroom" a movie that was a first date for two ex girlfriends. Anyway, in the right setting the song is great but when most of the women is gone, what's the point? That's a problem with karaoke. You put in a song trying to read the mood of the crowd but when the time comes to sing, the mood changes and the song flops. Tonight was a flop despite the fact I sang pretty well.

Anyway, the video is standard late 70's performance clip.


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