Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Karaoke Theme: One Named Music Acts

It was an okay night at Jack's. I went in not knowing what songs I would sing. I realized since Karaoke Steve updated his list I had not done any Donovan songs he added. I really like two of his songs, "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Season Of The Witch". I figured Season of the Witch would be more dramatic, so I chose that. I killed. I love singing a song for the first time and doing it well. Anyway the video I grabbed is pretty bad. It's vintage but very obscure. It was this or some modern one recorded on a cell phone.


The second song I sang was Prince's "Pop Life" I didn't have the guts to do "Dark Lady" by Cher. It's my favorite Prince song. I've done it many times but this time I did it so nasally it wasn't good. Anyway I had a dickens of a time trying to find a video of the song performed by Prince. First, Prince never made a video back in the day. Second, Prince has sued YouTube and any video is muted. However, On Yahoo, I found this clip from a show done in Vegas. It rocks.


The third song I did was Santana. That's cheating, I know. I could've done Van Halen under these rules but Santana it was. "Evil Ways" was the song I chose. Appropriate song for those people I've known who really need to change their evil ways. What was interesting (That is, Interesting for those who are karaoke nuts) was that the song features two vocalists simultaneously. Usually, the karaoke disk has vocals to harmonise with you, this one didn't but it made for interpretive vocals by the singer. So I kicked. Then I went home. The video is vintage Santana.


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