Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Morbid Nature

My favorite web site is Wikipedia. Every day I look up for recent deaths. That's my morbid nature. I usually look for famous people I care about but every once in awhile it'll be someone I never heard of but had a connection to something I was familiar with.

David Lane died in jail. He was scum, no remorse on my part. He was a white supremacist who was in jail for his connection to the assassination of talk show host Alan Berg. Alan Berg was a Michael Savage like talk show host who was a liberal when the liberals were the obnoxious talk show hosts. He was abrasive and rude and almost asked for much of the confrontation he got from his listeners. Since he was a liberal, his stand on issues like gay rights and gun control, and his abrasive ways would piss off some of the more extreme right wing listeners. These guys decide to take it upon themselves to gun down Alan Berg in the driveway of his home in 1984. David Lane went to jail for conspiracy in the murder. Good riddance to white trash, white supremacist trash.

Anyway, Alan Berg's death inspired the Eric Bogosian play and movie "Talk Radio"

And that's........the rest of the story.

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