Saturday, May 19, 2007

At Least The Mets Are Winning

The one thing good coming out of my recent breakup is that the Mets are doing well. It's a cliche for a man when he doesn't want to think of sex, to think of baseball. So, I think of baseball a lot. I love this Mets team, not only are they winning, but they are fun to watch. My last relationship that ended badly happened during the 1999 Mets run. However, I was living in Seattle so I didn't get much info other than newspaper articles. I got lucky, ESPN decided that the Mets would be the featured team on their broadcasts. I was able to distract myself from my grief until Kenny Rogers threw ball four to end the Mets run that year.

This year the breakup ended early in the season. I have at least 5 months to distract me from the grief and the Mets look good enough to keep me happy.

Anyway, the Mets beat the Yankees last night, a well played game that would usually go the Yankees way. I'm a Yankee hater but with a lot less passion and I was willing to let the Yankees win without crying about it. The Yankees had their best pitcher, Andy Pettite pitching against Olive Perez, a erratic pitcher who's capable of being either Sandy Koufax or one of the worst pitchers ever. Yesterday's game was something in between, so now I'm happy this sunny Saturday morning, a day of the week that has been rough since Scangirl left. So, I'll just lose myself in thoughts of the Mets.

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