Tuesday, March 04, 2008

While I was working at the lousy bicycle factory and putting in work for The Seattle Scroll, I continued to put out Pipe Dream submission to the syndicates. After I had been told that Pipe Dreams was too de classe, I toned down the anger and made it a little goofier. It helped that I was able to express my anger and my angst for the Seattle Scroll.

I kept the sideways format for this submission. I felt that seeing it large would make it more presentable. I started this set of strips with the re-introduction of the character of Julian. I expanded his background. Before he was an incidental character, mainly as a foil for Skat outside of the Pipe Dream gang.

This time I decided to make him much more eccentric. The house I lived in that served as the setting for these set of strips, had a messy basement that was very dusty. I decided that it would make for a good place for Julian to reside.

The friend I based Julian on had lived a month or so in a basement in Brooklyn one summer. It was a miserable setting for anyone to live. Another friend I had, who lived in Sloane House was a squatter in a basement in the lower east side. Both of these guys had similar backgrounds. Both grew up upper middle class and went through a period of time rejecting their upbringing. I decided that would be the basis for Julian. The Socialist Bourgeois.

Anyhow, I was starting to get sloppy in my presentations. I missed some typos in this set of strips and wasn't able to sustain continuity. I added some quirks to Skat like the fact he was into hacky sack. The fact that I was doing hacky sack in a vain attempt to lose weight had nothing to do with it being featured in Pipe Dreams.

One other thing, We had finally got a computer at this point. My first obsessive interest in the new technology at my disposal was fonts.

All at my disposal, fonts, fonts, fonts. The variety of fonts I was able to buy, I did. I experimented with the variety to find the best one for Pipe Dreams.

Oh what fun!

Anyway, I continued my periodic tradition of receiving of being rejected by the main syndicates. If only I can get out of my job at the bicycle factory.

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