Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Karaoke selections 3/4

Tuesday Karaoke had me at my usual place, Jack's Ribs in Long Branch. There were some promotion gigs going on, so the singing was on late. I only sang twice.

The two songs I chose to sing were from the 90's. Interestingly, they presented bookends to my long relationship with Sonya. It wasn't intentional. I just noted it involved a club I liked going to called the Romper Room.

The first song I sang was "Creep" by Radiohead. I went to the Romper Room back in 1993 at the suggestion of a friend. It immediately became my favorite club to go to in Seattle. They played music that I enjoyed with a crowd I felt was fun to dance with. I met my share of women there, Sonya wasn't one of them. A woman named Sheila was. The song we liked was "Creep". It's one of my favorite self-loathing song of all time. Shortly after hearing the songs many times, I met Sonya at an Oktoberfest party, looking really cute. I was supposed to meet Sheila there but she did not show.

"Creep" used to be sung by many guys at this place called Ozzie's, which is close to where the Romper Room used to be.

I have a weird rule in regards to Karaoke. I don't sing songs that others sing on a regular basis. I like to do songs no one else did. "Creep" was one of those songs that popular good looking guys would sing to get girls to see their sensitive side. It helped them to get laid. It usually worked.

Now, I liked the song and wanted to sing it and finally did tonight. How did I do? In my opinion, not so good. But people liked it so I guess it was a success.


The second song I sang was "You Get What You Give" by the New Radicals. It was at the Romper Room where I first heard the song and saw the video. My relationship with Sonya was over, she was with her new man who would soon be her husband. I was very depressed. I went to the place where I enjoyed myself before, the Romper Room. I was more than 6 years older and the Romper Room was in its waning days. But I loved the song for its pop friendly nature. I was feeling suicidal and the uplifting words in a song that wasn't meant to be uplifting gave me hope and made me feel good.

I sing this song pretty often and many people like it, so I aim to please. I usually do it differently, more like the version itself, but now, like I said before, I do it in my style which went well except for a little glitch. A fun night but a reminder that I am geting old.

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