Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Plug, or Two.

So my buddy Pro is trying to make it as an actor, in Wisconsin of all places. He has a significant role in an independent horror movie called Groundead. It's not listed on the Internet Movie Data Base yet. It's going through the motions on getting more funding. Check out the teaser here.

Anyway, If Pro gets successful I hope he'll remember me because other people I've known over the years probably don't. They do have entries in the IMDB though.

I'll start with Caitlin Kelch. Here she is with Inkboy, Me, and a girl named Emily. And yet again with Inkboy in a rather cinematic photo at Twins Pub back in its dive days.

When we knew her she stated she was in a movie called "Sweet Dreams". Since it was a movie about Patsy Cline, I had no interest in seeing it back then. Anyway, she showed us a movie still with her in it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anyway, she was a film major, learning other aspects of the film industry. I figured she might have been in the industry in some capacity. I was wrong. One day I was watching television when "Sweet Dreams" came on. Sure enough, there's Caitlin playing Patsy Cline's sister in what I felt was a significant role. She was cute as button and twice as good an actress. so when I looked her up on IMDB, I was surprised that she has only one credit to her name. No other acting roles, not even an entry for any other aspect of film making. So, I have to wonder, What happened?

Another person I knew at SVA was Agustin Rodriguez. I took an acting class with him. As a matter of fact, I performed side by side with him on a mini play written by David Mament. I was with my girlfriend, (Who incidentally has an entry in IMDB) watching a short-lived show called "Moon Over Miami" when I recognized the supporting actor. I had to look at the closing credits to confirm (and remind me) that it was Agustin. Cool. I liked the show, but didn't like Agustin's pony tail. The show was cancelled too soon to make him a star but I periodically see him in things like "Generation X", "New York Undercover"and more recently in episodes of the "Law & Order" franchises. Good for him.

The next person I recognized is some one I knew way back in first and second grade. His name is Jason Kravitz. I was watching the show "Wanda at Large" when I saw the name Jason Kravitz. I had to rack my brain figuring out where I heard that name before.

I looked at the cast closely and determined that the short balding man was the same kid I used to wait with, for the school bus back in the 70's. He looked like his father, minus the mustache. His birthday was when I remembered it, because I had attended his 7th birthday. Still, I wasn't totally sure. He was born in Massachusetts, no big deal because no one was born in our neighborhood until the 70's. The entry says he has a brother Garth, who I remembered being in the same class as my sister. Maybe someday I can find a photo. For now, I look for him and spot him,much like Agustin, guest starring on the L&O and CSI shows.

Oh, I be re missed if I forget to mention Miggy.

He's behind the scenes on some of the better pieces of animation these days. Most notably, "The Venture Brothers"

Acting? Well, we'll see, though he is the physical inspiration for Dr. Venture.


AlNickerson said...

Go Pro! :) Steve Pro will never forget about us. We’ve all been chums for two decades now. I mean, he might forget about us once his Alzheimer's sets in, but until then, you shouldn’t have any worries, Scan. :)

I always did like Caitlin (in a totally platonic sort of way, of course). She was a sweet kid. Ya know, I called Caitlin several years ago to invite her to a P.I.C. Octoberfest at Twin’s Pub. It’s a shame she couldn’t make it.

Someone told me that I have an entry on the Internet Movie Database, as well…

Does that make me famous now, too? :D

Servidores said...

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Steve Pro said...

Scan, I think about you guys once a day. Sometime twice but mostly once. I look forward to the day we can hang out more regularly. Thanks for plugging.


Steve Pro said...

Wow! Al, that's cool. I had no idea you are onIMDB, very cool.

AlNickerson said...

I was surprised, as well. I was asked to contribute to the Adventures into Digital Comics documentary… which was a lot of fun. :)

Pro- I pray that I’ll see your listing at IMDB with tons of film work. Don’t forget to tell Harrison Ford that I said, "Hello." :D

Scanman said...

Sorry, I was being Fascist ... I meant facetious.