Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Name Dropping Department

One of the things about my current job at TSA, is that there is an opportunity to see some famous people who go through checkpoint. Now, I don't work checkpoint, I work behind the scenes. so the opportunity to see people of note is rare.

One of my co-workers got excited that Ashlee Simpson was in the airport.

Ashlee Simpson? The sister of a third rate Britny spears wannabe?


Still, I should talk. when I was walking around the airport I spotted Terence Stamp.


Terence Stamp. He is a British actor who did lots of movies in the 60's.

"Uhhhh. Don't know him."

C'mon, he was in "Princess, Queen of The Desert"

"noooo, don't know that one"

He was in "The Limey"

"The What?"

Oh, give me a break.....okay, he was General Zod in "Superman II" Surely you remember that movie!?

"Not Really"

Sigh! ... Let's seeee, ..........All right, he was in the movie with Ashton Kutchner, He played the father-in-law. What was it "Guess Who"?

" The movie "Guess Who"?, that was Bernie Mac!"

No, no, no, I meant the other movie....

ahhhhhh forget it go back to Ashlee, I don't care.

Call me when you spot HOMER Simpson.

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