Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, Well

A disappointing night of karaoke for me last night. I was excited too. I had bought a pair of jeans, one of those kind that hang a little low and because I had lost some weight due to my working at UPS, it looked good on me. I found an old shirt that looked good with it and was ready to go.

I had my usual tasty burger at Windmill and headed to Jack's. It was less crowded than usual, so I talked to the host Karaoke Steve. He had a new set up he wanted to try out. I put in a song already but he wanted to know what other song I planned on singing. Asa rule of thumb I don't like submitting a second song until I sang my first. This is because I don't know where my voice would be until after the first song.

Anyway I asked him if he had any new songs not yet in the book. He said yes, and asked me for my input. I asked for some T-Rex songs and he had one of my favorites, a song I had never done before. I was excited.

Then it came time to sing.

The first song I sang was "How Soon Is Now", the only Smiths song I really like. It's a mid tempo song in the vocal range I am comfortable with when I am the first one to sing. I hate being first, and the way I fumbled through the last quarter of the song gave me justification in my fear. Here's the great video they made back in the day.


The second song I sang was the aforementioned T-Rex song "Children of The Revolution". I'm not a fan of the company Sunfly who made the CD+G. Still, it sounded good, but I flubbed a little, couldn't get my vocals down and was timid in going full out. I have usually not cared whether the people know the song I sing but these days I try to please. Anyway, here's vintage T-Rex.


The third song I sang was always a favorite of mine to perform but only when it was as a duet with my Seattle buddy Mac. Mac was an excellent singer who hit the high notes dramatically. When we did "Under Pressure", he'd be Freddie Mercury and I'd take the David Bowie parts. It's different trying to do the song by yourself and on a different night I might have been able to handle it. I flubbed, my voiced cracked, and I was stiff. I didn't get the crowd into it. That and the fact I ended up going home alone made it a disappointing night.

Oh, well maybe next week.

Anyway, the clip I have is Queen performing the song by themselves. It was from a concert some magazines have called the greatest of the rock era. Looking at this clip and you can see why. Freddie Mercury was at the top of his game enthralling the huge crowd at Wembley in 1986.

We miss you Freddie.

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