Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My computer has been really screwed up recently and I have needed to do some radical revamping of it. I think I got a virus from a "friend" who is no longer a friend because of what he sent. He lied about what he sent and since it probably contained a virus, I may be screwed. I guess he thought it was a funny joke. He has a sick sense of humor...

Thanks a lot.

Orrr, it may have to do with some (ahem) "art" films I occasionally view.

Either way, no new cartoons until this gets fixed. I hope I don't have to get a new computer, as it turns out I may have to totally reinstall my computer from scratch. I have to back up eseential files. The main thing I have left to back up is my I-Tunes account.

What sucks is that I have a Mac. I bought it new in 2005. It was the current generation platform buttttttt I never went beyond the initial "Panther" platform which denied me that opportunity to have the latest update of I-Tunes that a person with a PC operating on Windows98 can upload. This has been the case since 2006, a mere year after I bought my Mac.

I don't live near a good Mac store that repairs old Macs like I did back in Seattle. So, when I go to an Apple store I am stuck with a very limited supply of products that only are good for an OS 10.4 or higher. Mine is 10.3, they came up with the 10.4 a few months after they introduced the I-Mac platform. They had a product I thought would be ideal to clean up my Mac. It was only for OS 10.4 or above.

Thanks for the customer service.

Either way, thanks to that rube that sent me the virus I'll be out a few hundred dollars at least.

So, my blog is gonna be weak for the forseeable future until I can figure it out with my feeble computer skills.

I wish I was still with my old girlfriend who knew how to fix computers, although we had a PC at the time.

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