Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I spent all day sitting on my ass, switching over from the TV to the computer to take in the festivities. What a relief to have a real man in the White House leading our country out of the quagmire that our slumpy, smirky previous frat boy put us in.

I started the day going to the grocery store to pick up more corn oil to make my hot wings. I commented on the higher price for corn oil and I got an earful about how it's because of the new administration.

She must watch the Fox News because of course at 7am, Barack Obama was not president yet and the price of corn oil and other food items have been high since way before he won the election.

This leads to a recent Fox News talking point. During the Bush years we have had 2, count them 2 recessions. One of the recessions has been going on for well over a year, it's the worst since the Depression. It's even worse than the Reagan Recession that devastated our economy after his massive tax cuts.

Now, Bush has had two recessions on his watch but Hannity will try to have us believe that neither of them were his fault. Of course the recession in 2001 that immediately followed Bush's first tax cuts was Bill Clinton's fault.

Well, it's not the most disingenuous argument. A recession can come about because of what happened before but history shows that massive tax cuts, especially in a recovering economy has given us many a recession.

So the economy recovers eventually in a sluggish way thanks to the real estate bubble that crashed us into the horrific economy that we are now experiencing. But since it started well over a year ago it is of course Obama's fault. Never mind it started when it looked like the 2008 election was going to be between Rudy and Hillary in an almost replay of the 2000 New York Senator race. (Almost, because Rudy dropped out)

Now Hannity used the argument that the recession happened in anticipation of a new Non-Bush president. And according to Hannity the tax increases that Obama is gonna do is the reason that we're experience the second recession Under Bush's watch.

So, I watched the festivities mostly on the C-Span, occasionally watching MSNBC after Joe Scarborough was gone, and Fox News to see what kind of spin they were going to put on it. They are just warming up. Got to give the Right Wing Sheep something to cling on to.

I love the rituals. From the church attendance, the coffee at the White House, the drive to the Capitol, the car with the MASSIVELY thick doors. The introductions of all the past presidents and vice presidents and spouses. The only one missing was Nancy Reagan. One thing I noticed is how cold Jimmy Carter is to Bill Clinton and vice versa. What's that about? Clinton is much warmer to both the Bushes. crazy. It was interesting to see Dan Quayle, though. I mean, who da thunk how much better this country would have been if he was president instead of Bush. That's how absurd it was to have W Bush president.

Bush has been talking about his "accomplishments" recently. One of them was his two Supreme Court appointments including Chief Justice John Roberts. Some choice, his highest profile duty is to swear in the new president, his first. He royally screwed it up, (Maybe on purpose) denying Barack Obama's moment in the historic sun. It was 4 minutes past noon. They had to have Yo-Yo and friends play first, thus giving us four minutes more of Bush as president.

Oh well, President Obama's speech was solid, straight to the point and not too long. He's no William Henry Harrison (I Died In Thirty Days!) in that department.

It was good to see that helicopter take away Bush. Dick Cheney was lucky Richard Widmark passed away recently.

The amount of people there was amazing. The most ever, beating of all people LBJ's 1964 Inauguration.

Obama looks very presidential. I won't gag every time I see a press conference for the next four years. And Joe Biden...Man that man is having the time of his life and is married to a doctor.


Bill Elston said...

I like the comment about Richard Widmark. Very funny.

The "this is the Obama recession" meme actually originated with Rush Limbaugh. But I think that these guys (Rush, Hannity, etc.) are going to see their market dry up.

Scanman said...

I heard it as Hannity of Stephanie Miller's "Right Wing World" segment.And Hannity was trying to convince guests about it on top of it as though he had the power to spread the myth around.

"Go, Juan Williams spread the Word"