Thursday, January 29, 2009

Republicans Still Hate America

So, the election of 2008 brought about the biggest change in government style since 1932. The election made it clear that the then current style of governing does not work and the American electorate demanded a new approach.

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are listening. The economy is in its worst shape since the Great Depression, mostly because of the "trickle down" economic philosophy that has been shoved down our throat by conservatives for the better part of thirty years.

The election was the worst showing for Republicans since 1964. President Obama won the biggest percentage of the popular vote with a party change since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. That means the conservative Republican way lost.

That means the Republicans need to do the right thing. Obama won for the most part because he set out an economic stimulus plan that would deal with the crisis. A stimulus plan that would put people to work. That would encourage real growth in the economy, not tax breaks for people who don't need it.

Obama went out of the way to meet up with the losers (Republicans) and allowed for some of their ideas to be put into the plan. Bush never did such a thing. So, how do the Republicans respond to this gesture?

By responding "nay" to the plan. All of them. Not one Republican voted for it. The Neocon haters of America like Michelle (Crazy Eyes) Malkin, and Rush (Bloated Junkie) Limbaugh are cheering for our downfall. They want the US to be like the slums depicted in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" The rich getting richer and the rest of us to live in garbage.

This vote is a repeat of the 1993 economic stimulus plan that also had no Republicans voting for. That plan needed Al Gore's vote in the Senate to break a tie. Thus the largest most sustained economic growth the country ever had was without any conservative help.

This decade (whatever we call it) has shown that the NeoCon way doesn't work. Rush is always wrong and the Republicans need to man up and do right by the American people or they will give an opportunity to a third party like the Greens to become the second party.

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