Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They're still out there...

...and by "they" I mean Bush supporters telling me that he's a great president because he's kept us safe from terrorism since 9/11. They say it's because we take a tough stand against terrorism. We should be more tough, they say.

Well, the toughest country in fighting terrorism is Israel. No question, but are they safe from terrorism?


They are better armed and more successful at killing their enemies than the enemy is of them but they are constant victims of terrorist attacks.

Is this approach wrong?

Hard to say, but I'm not impressed with the results.

Now, France on the other hand, I'm told is weak on terrorism, cowards, even.

Yet they haven't had a murderous terrorist attack since 1995 when 8 people were murdered by the GIA.

So, What's our goal? Kill more of them, over there to show results?

Or can we do a different approach that may seem less macho but keeps us alive, keeps them alive and have both our economies focused on things other than perpetual war?

I fear that I'll never live long enough to see the latter.

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