Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Got Hawaii, I'm Finished!


Who's been collecting all the state quarters? For the last ten years, quarters have been minted featuring each state with the symbols of their pride and symbols. Some states have obvious, New york has the Statue of Liberty, Minnesota has a lake. Many of the quarters had the shape of the state involved in the design, while others are vague in its meaning. I have come up with my own observations, starting with the very last one...

Hawaii is the only one to feature a king.

Alabama is the only state featuring a real historic woman, Helen Keller.

Alabama is the only one that's able to be read by the blind.

Ohio has a person who is still alive on the back of the coin, either Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin in full space suit.

New Hampshire's features a landmark that ceased to exist since the mint of the coin.

Alaska features an animal, a bear, eating another state's (Washington ) animal, the salmon.

Four states, Delaware, Kentucky, Wyoming and Nevada have horses.

New Jersey and South Dakota feature George Washington's image on both sides of the coin.

Eight states have birds on them.

Thirteen states have the outline of the state featured in its design.

Florida and Ohio use space exploration as its symbol in its design.

West Virginia has the newest landmark, New River Gorge, built in 1977.

Tennessee and Louisiana have instruments, the trumpet in them looks exactly the same.

Illinois features a man whos featured on another coin, Abraham Lincoln.

Ohio and North Carolina both claim the birth of aviation and have the Wright Brothers plane.

Hawaii and South Carolina features palm trees.

Missouri has an anachronistic scene of Lewis and Clark rowing the Mississippi by the Great Arch.

Seven states features boats.

Indiana is the only state to have an automobile.

New Jersey is the only one to have an American flag and that is actually a mistake.

Montana features the skeleton of the symbols of Kansas and North Dakota.

That's what I've come up with.

Anyone think of other interesting things?

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Scanman said...

South Dakota also has two people on other coins, Lincoln and Jefferson.