Thursday, December 04, 2008

RIP Paul Benedict.

There are not many people left alive from the 70's TV show "The Jeffersons". Another cast member, Paul Benedict who played the English neighbor Mr. Bentely died the other day, he was 70. He was an American playing an Englishman which is different from these days when English actors play Americans.

He was a funny foil to Sherman Helmsley's George Jefferson. The calm to George's storm. Good TV. But to me, Paul Benedict will always be the mad painter guy who was on Sesame Street. Dig Mr. Benedict's crazy beard as he paints numbers on various objects with comedic results. Here's a few including one with a young Stockard Channing.

We'll miss you Guffman, I mean Loomis.

The Number 3 Painter (Classic Sesame Street)

Sesame Street - Mad Painter # 8

Sesame Street - Mad Painter # 10

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