Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My New Karaoke Hangout

I hadn't written about my karaoke nights recently for a number of reasons. One, I haven't been happy with my performances. Two, I have been repeating myself a bit so I had no new cool vintage videos to link up to.

But the real reason is that I am getting bored with Jack's. Many of the people I like running into have not shown up recently. One in particular is this beautiful red haired woman who is closer to my age than most of the patrons at Jack's. After she brushed me off one night I had only seen her once. Plus Jack's gets crowded, too crowded with very young kids and my waiting time to sing is longer than what I would like. This would not bother me except the host continues to play "DJ" even when the list of singers is long. It's karaoke night, only do that please when there is a shortage of singers.

So, I noted that there is another place that does karaoke nearer to me on Tuesday nights called the Mad Hatter in Sea Bright. They start earlier at 9pm, so I gave them a shot last week before I went to Jack's. It wasn't at all crowded, as a matter of fact it was filled with the most indifferent crowd I've seen in a karaoke bar in a long time. I was reluctant to sing but since I have never seen this host before I was able to find two songs I've never seen in any other karaoke bar in the past. They were the Beach Boys "Do It Again" and George Baker Selection's "Little Green Bag". Cool songs from the late 60's/ early 70's.

There was a stage (a plus) an a wireless mic (a minus) at Mad Hatters and I was abysmal with my singing, so I left and went to Jack's where I got bored. The videos for those two songs follow. The Beach Boys one is from an Ed Sullivan rehearsal featuring an early version of the song "Do It Again". It's in color, Mike Love is going bald, Brian Wilson is nowhere to be found.

Do it Again early version - The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Good stuff.

The George Baker Selection video is a film clip of the band walking following a woman on a horse. I wasn't sure it was them because the clip looked like the opening of the movie Reservoir Dogs so I was wondering if it was real and what was a homage to what. I was looking for anachronisms like whether or not horses existed in 1972. Apparently they did. It's a bit dull but somewhat par for the course for the early 70's.

George Baker Selection Little Green Bag

Anyway, I went back to Mad Hatters last night intending to do the same thing, sing a few songs and then head to Jack's. I walked in, noted that it was more crowded than last week and spotted that red head I have a crush on, and averted my eyes as I have been wont to do every time I see a girl I'm attracted to since I was 6 years old and had a crush on a girl named Theresa. (Shades of Charlie Brown!)

I ordered my beer, Flying Fish (mmm, mmm) and looked up songs. I was shaking because I knew I wasn't going to approach this woman and I tried my best to look cool and indifferent. I put in the song "Instant Karma" by John Lennon for two reasons. One, it's my go to song, a song I always do well and usually gets a good response. Two, it was the day after the anniversary of Lennon's assassination by that assasshole Mark Chapman. The clip is a favorite of mine from 1970 with Yoko Ono blindfolded with a Kotex.

John Lennon - Instant Karma

It was my best performance in a long time but for some reason I chose a rather easy song "The Breakup Song" by Greg Kihn Band as my second song. This was after I saw the object of my desire sing a song rather decently. I sang the song as good as I could sing it, with more passion that the song requires. I enjoy the crowd. It was less than a third of the crowd at Jack's but I got more applause. A boost to my ego but not enough to get her attention. I think she might not like me. Here's the Greg Kihn clip from 1981, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh!

Greg Kihn Band - Break up song

So, I'm getting comfortable at this place. I decided by now not to go to Jack's. She was still there and every once in awhile we would glance at each other when the other wasn't looking. I looked at her on stage and she allowed herself to look back. OK, I can live with that. I just hope she isn't creeped out by me. Recently co-workers have noted that I have a scary angry stare when I'm just sitting around. Anyway, She talks to guys in a friendly matter that are clearly not in her or my league so who knows. God, I'm a prick.

The third song I sang was one I've wanted to sing since last January. It's a Christmas song by Slade. A great song. I figured the smaller stage was better for trying it out. "Merry Xmas Everybody" rocks and I rocked it as good as I've ever done a song. Except for the ending "IT"S CHRIIISTMASSSS". No worries, I'm three for three in the good singing department this night. Here's the Top of the Pops footage from the early 70's. Dig the suits man.

The Slade - 06.Merry Xmas Everybody

Anyway, I continued to check out the red haired woman when it was her time to sing. She struggled with the Smith's song "How Soon is Now" and the guy who tried to help was terrible and confident at the same time. What a dick. Anyway, I was planning to sing only one more song and I chose "She's Electric" by Oasis. Again I kicked it. My voice was in such fine form that I was able to do the falsetto. My ego is growing to no end. My hat is getting tight but dammit I was good. The footage of the song is a concert footage of Noel Gallager (Not the lead singer) singing the song. All the other clips of Oasis had Noel singing , this one was the best.

Oasis - She is Electric (live Noel)

Anyway, I was planning to leave, the red head left with her equally attractive blond friend. I had written a list of songs that I had never seen before for future visits to Mad Hatter. The host let it be known there was time for one more song for me to sing. Cool, the host likes me. Anyway, I'm a Joe Jackson fan and there aren't many songs of his available for karaoke. He had "Sunday Papers" in his book, so I sang it to a smaller crowd but once again killed on a rather easy song. I now have a choice of venues on Tuesdays. I'll attend each one as I see fit. I love the Joe Jackson clip from 1979. the hair, the clothes and the attitude. priceless.

Joe Jackson - Sunday Papers

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