Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Third Time's the Charge

Anyway, for me this has been the year of ruining electronic devices by means of submersion in water.

The first time happened at work. I was listening to my ipod, a gift I got for Christmas in 2005. I listened to it on a converted platform I made from a gift ipod holding lamp thingy I got a year later. I took the lamp part of it off because the lamp made it tacky and too tall to use it for amplification. Since the platform was not really made for an ipod, I had to be careful when I fast forwarded songs. One day in April, I pressed a button and it fell into the bleach water. What bothered me was the bucket was in the wrong place, a place I never liked to keep it. I pulled it out right away but it was too late. It was broken. I felt guilty because it was a present. Two months later the guilt was gone, because the sentiment of the gift seemed false.

The second thing I broke was a little over a week ago. At 6 in the morning right before I left for work, I dropped my cell phone into the toilet. Same situation, I grabbed it within a second but it was too late. I tried to revive it, but I made the mistake of trying to make it work too fast, so after two plus years, a phone that wouldn't make a call to Hawaii or Ireland, heck the phone wouldn't work in my new apartment was shot and needed to be replaced. So far the new phone is working fine in my new apartment, so I was fortunate.

Anyway, I went to do laundry at my parents lat week. I had ipod, a gift for my dad from his work at UPS that he gave me that I used at UPS to try to make work almost tolerable, in my pants pocket. I forgot I had it in there and freaked out that the ipod went through a load of laundry. It would have gone through the dryer if I hadn't seen the head phones dangling. The ipod had been protected by a cover but this time I knew, I should leave the ipod alone. I knew not to touch it. I left it off, saw telltale signs of water getting in the device. I turned it on today after four days.

It works.


I can watch my one episode of Weeds.

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