Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Last of The Scanmobile?

So I was in a car accident early today.

Very early today, around 4:15 in the morning.

I was on my way to work, my first day as a certified baggage handler at Newark Airport.

I have spent the last month training for the job. It's a long commute but one I have done successfully every day until today.

I was less than ten minutes from work when WHAM! I was hit from behind from a car. In the five or so seconds I was doing a 360 on the Garden State Parkway, I felt my life flashing, my heart racing, my eyes seeing the car that hit me tumble off the road. When I regained control of the car, (I actually had the ability to let the car do whatever it would do) I was on the left side of the highway. I was three lanes over on the right when I got hit.

I got out of my car, the door was jammed, yelled out to people I knew wouldn't hear me "Motherf*****!!!!! You're lucky I'm Okay!!!!!!"

After I put my flashers on, I walked back on the left highway shoulder towards where the car skidded off the road on the right side. I called 911, but saw no one moving out of the other car. I grew concerned but was able to give a precise location where the car was. I was asked what kind of a car hit me, but couldn't tell because the car was across the highway in the shadows of bushes and trees. The police arrived a few minutes later and after about ten minutes I saw two people coming out. The ambulance finally came soon after. There was about four state trooper cars but not one person came to talk to me.

Finally, one came over to me but only asked me for license, registration, and insurance. He asked me what lane I was in, I said the second from the right, my lane of choice, and the police said the people in the other car said they were in the middle lane.

There in lies the problem.

It was four lanes, to be in the middle one, one would have to be halfway in the second lane and halfway in the third lane.

Anyway, when the police told me to move my car I knew I needed a tow truck.

Damn! Even if I get compensated by the other driver, it still meant much dinero disappearing form my pocket at a time when I really can't spare it. I have been sucked dry by my move back east, my inability to get a good graphic design job, and the abandonment of a lease by an uncaring roommate.

I'm trying to figure out the lesson in this, I guess it's simple...

...Be thankful to walk away from a crash when someone hits you going 80 miles an hour.


AlNickerson said...

I am so sorry to hear about your accident, Scan. I am keeping you in my prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive after that!

Bill Munsell