Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sigh, Heavy Sigh...

Well, my neck hurts more in the days following the car accident. I'm out a few hundred dollars until I find out what is up with the driver that hit me. My putt-putt mobile is shot. It was a giveaway car from my dad when he got a new one. I had gotten by in my years in Seattle without having a car. I never really wanted to own a car especially after the first Gulf War convinced me that the only way to not get screwed by the oil companies is to not drive at all.

But I moved back to Jersey to involve myself in a failed relationship, I knew in order to get by in the corrupt messed up state that is known as New Jersey, I needed a car.

It was an old car, even my dad got it cheap, when he totaled his previous car, but the little car that could more than fulfilled its promise. It was a good car. I don't think I'll find one that won't drain my patience as its replacement.

And to add insult to injury, I haven't been paid yet on my new job. I had to wait more than three weeks to see it in the first place, but it still hasn't reached my account. It's a considerable amount of money, so I really need it, especially if I were to move ahead in life.

I hate talking on the phone looking for someone to do me a favor, because I never know who to talk to, where to get information, and especially how to get compensated for someone else's negligence. I guess that's why I'm a loner...

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AlNickerson said...

Scan- If you’ve suffered an injury from this accident, you should really go see a doctor and then contact an attorney. Maybe your insurance company can refer you to one. You were at no fault in any way concerning the accident. If you’re injured, then you have every right to seek some sort of compensation.