Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 40th

I don't remember birthdays of too many important people in my life, like friends and some relatives, but I always remember the birthdays of girlfriends, former or otherwise. Today, my former fiance, Almost Mrs. Scanman turns 40. I wish her the best. I'm not sure if she has read the blog, but if she does I hope she's doing well, and hope her 40th goes better than mine. We were there for each other's 30th, and that was better than my 40th.

October 10th-Ann
January 22nd-Donna
April 27th-Heather B
December 25th-Kim, that was easy
March 19th-Holly

And those are only the ones I dated for more than a few months. I was better at remembering these birthdays than they were, but Kim said it was easy to remember hers, so I couldn't be on her case for never remembering mine.


Happy 40th.

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