Sunday, January 14, 2007

I've Had Better Birthdays

Working on my birthday is nothing new. Still, I was hoping it would be better. I was bummed that the Simpsons weren't on, after all the first regular episode of the Simpsons premiered on my 23rd birthday.

I was bummed that the Seahawks lost in overtime, they looked like they were gonna pull an upset.

Then the shocker, About an hour after I got into work, a co-worker of mine had died at home. Actually Jessica had stopped working about a month after I started, She had a cast on her leg, and she was quite a go getter despite it, she was no "little miss helpless". Apparently, she had diabetes and at one point had slipped into a diabetic coma. I wasn't sure how bad it was, and I wasn't sure whether she was to return to her workplace.

Anyway, she popped in on Tuesday, I was in one of the worst moods in a tremendously long time. She still had the cast on her leg but also now had a sling on her arm. I felt really bad for her and yet she brightened my mood. I hoped that she was getting better.

I guess I was wrong.

The workplace was dreary after that. Most of the servers were good friends with her and their mood reflected it.

Like I said, I've had better birthdays.

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