Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Larry Kudlow's An Asshole

I listen to talk radio when I am in my car. Satellite radio isn't good enough (Howard Stern Withstanding) to pay for, so I listen to AM radio. FM doesn't offer anything for me.

Anyway, when I don't listen to sports radio (When the Mets are losing) I tend to listen to right wing radio , which seems to be the only other options of talk radio. Left wing radio tends to be on weak signals. I listen to it on my computer though.

Anyway, there are different kinds of right wing hosts. There are the Bush Stooge types, The strident religious types, The "liberals are ruining America" ones, and ones like Larry Kudlow, ones that advocate the so called "free market libertarian" philosophy. Basically it's the "I got mine, fuck you, on yours" philosophy.

He's an Ayn Rand disciple. These are people who embraced the laissez-faire form of capitalism that was espoused in the book Atlas Shrugged, a work of fiction, and a book that perpetuates fraud.

The problem, of course is that was the very form of capitalism that sent us in the worst depression of our history. The people don't believe in taxes for the idle rich. They embrace the industrialists, the CEOs, the Wall Street types, which is fine but they feel that people who are born rich shouldn't pay a penny in taxes and that there shouldn't be any tax on any form of dividends, stocks and bonds.

So who is to pay for all the roads that transports the goods across the country to all the good consumers, the military that protects all their vast assets, the ports that bing in the goods? Why, you the working public of course!

Of course they want to eliminate minimum wage, and want the working class of the USA to compete with third world nations in pay.

They think we need to do this to invite competition, to keep costs low so they can increase their dividends. They have third or fourth homes to buy, cigars to smoke, and the press to control.

So, why does Larry Kudlow piss me off?

A caller called in his radio show, The caller foolishly thought he had kinship with Kudlow, when he talked about his fear of an expansion of trucking in the United States from Mexican truckers. The caller had the xenophobic view in which he worried he would lose his job to Mexican nationals who would be working as he put it for "$15 a day" with unsafe trucks on our US highways.

Now, I get tired of people using Mexicans as scapegoats. However, in challenging the caller's view, Kudlow didn't attack him for his xenophobia, he scoffed him for being afraid of "competition".

Competition?! With what? Poverty wages?!

The weird thing is that Kudlow and his three? guests went on mocking the caller saying that should we go back to the railroad to transport goods?

The canal system?

Should we go back to lugging products on our backs? That would create jobs!


I would go along with that thinking if the caller's job was being replaced by a robot that was more efficient and safer. But that was not the case. Innovations have been slow coming recently in the transportation of goods and the elimination of back breaking work that still needs to be done to provide humidors for Kudlow and co. The recent philosophy of the monied right wing has been to have people doing the same job or more work for less money.

That's not progress. Far from it.

If you were to truly take Kudlow's argument to the logical extreme, why not bring back slavery? Of course we would call it something else, call it an "opportunity" and with our new form of slavery, we don't even have to worry about feeding the workers or provide housing, heck, we can replace them through a temp agency when they aren't doing their job in increasing Larry Kudlow's portfolio's worth.

Don't think it will happen? I wouldn't be so sure.

What an asshole!


Gregory said...

Just googled "Larry Kudlow is and asshole" as I was listening to his TV show. I'm glad to see that that I am not the only one to feel this way. The country can no longer afford the wealthy class who ride on the backs of the working class. No more "welfare for the rich".

G. Phil Bokoch

Scanman said...

Adam Smith never envisioned a form of capitalism that is favored by the likes of Larry Kudlow, Ben Stein and Neil Cavuto.

Even if you were to start at say being a janitor and achieve the dream of corporate leadership, the floors still need to be cleaned. Why should a guy whose willing to make a living being a janitor be screwed of living wages merely because the work is undignified.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kudlow you asshole...give me one of your anti-Obama rants...It's guys like you who screwed it up for all of the real...Yes I said real people of the USA...Oh I just hope that you basturds get back In (not really) So more of us poor basturds can get more of your crap!!

Anonymous said...

i googled larry kudlow is an asshole, idiot, moron and he fills the pages on every search ha ha. i do wish that cnbc would be shamed to let this guy go. he is completely and highly unpleasant to the senses, physically nauseating! it's almost worse than fox.
foul - filthy - vile - loathsome - abominable - bad

Anonymous said...

Kudlow's a fiscal conservative and social (dare I say: liberal). He hosts one of the more sophisticated television programs on CNBC. Does he come off as a snob? Yes. But he knows what he's talking about.

Oh, and BTW, Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be a warning; not an instruction manual. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Larry Kudlow" is a major Asshole! It makes me sick to think any American could believe a word he says! Its time to get rid of this Repubican Congress and help America move forward.