Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why Even Call It B.C.?

Johnny Hart died today. On Easter no less. Ironic considering that Hart was a born again who always reserved his Easter strips with the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus. I don't think Johnny Hart will rise again.

Anyway, once upon a time, B.C. was the funniest strip in the paper. No lie. The stuff published in the 60's was groundbreaking in its graphic simplicity and funny as heck. Like many strips that are around for twenty plus years it started to get stale, then a funny thing happened. Johnny Hart became born again. He started preaching the word in his strip. This made for an intriguing anachronism. A strip called B.C. in other words BEFORE Christ.

Anyway the preaching could get out of hand sometimes, particularly when he would be borderline Anti-Semantic. This one published the day he died involves a numerology twist. He likes to twist things around to prove a point about something but I dunno what it is, I always thought it was intriguing that I turned 33 in 2000. It means nothing.

Rest In Peace funnyman.

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