Saturday, April 07, 2007

More cool videos to see.


I just wanted to link you guys up to more cool videos on Youtube. It's gettin
g harder to find because the copyright holders are cracking down.

The first video is by the early 80's band Joboxers. It's one of those videos that used to beon MTV in its early days. A British band with what has to b
e one of the happiest videos you'll see, although sad to note the cute dog would have to be dead now.

Speaking of the dead, Two Doors videos follow. One a performance from 1969 on PBS. A bearded Morrison singing "Wishful Sinful" An obscure track to be sure but not a
s obscure as the footage of the Doors doing "Tight Rope Ride" from 1972. 1972? Didn't Jim Morrison die in 1971? Indeed he did, but the band continued to record two albums after he died, and this song is pretty good with Ray Manserek doing lead vocals. The band is augmented by a bassist and a second guitarist. Very interesting.

The next video is from the Scottish band Pilot with the song "Magic", a favorite of mine when I was 8 years old. I'm a big fan of Top of The Pops footage from the 70's. It reminds me of summer on the beach, cuz that's where I first heard it.

The next one is "Sky High" by Jigsaw. Another song from the same era, but with an elaborate video (for its time) on location at an airport. Very casual, not like today and there's something funny watching a drummer sing.

And finally Sniff N The Tears (sp?) with "Drivers Seat" It's a song from 1979, but I know it from the movie "Boogie Nights" I love the simplicity of the video, very much of the times but more entertaining than almost any hip hop video of today with a much smalle
r budget.

And speaking of videos, low concept, big payoff. Look at this gem form AC DC . A song from their Bon Scott days. Let's have a parade, let's have bagpipers. let's meet the fans. I love it!

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