Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry About The Sameness

So, I've been trying to get Pipe Dreams syndicated for a long time, even before I got a computer. I had hand drawn my strips for years and had only used the computer to touch up the artwork and print up the pages.

The closest to copying panels came about by using the same sketch to draw repetitive drawings. I would hand draw each panel based on the sketch to give it a "real" feel. Recently I have been using Flash to "ink" my artwork based on hand drawn sketches.

A friend of mine suggested I have a library of spot drawings to paste on my strips for quickness.

I have resisted because I DO think it's cheating, however, with this blog I have wanted to do more topical strips and found that the guys sitting on a couch watching TV is a good template to use in response to current events as close to when they happened. It was a "eureka" moment, so I have been testing it, in reference to the awful events of Monday. I may use it in the future if I have a good Commentary but I don't have the time to whip up original drawings. Anyway, here's a third comic strip based on what people are talking about in the aftermath. In two weeks expect to be bludgeoned by the Dirk point of view of the cartoon when Mallard Fillmore does his take on the events of VA Tech University.

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