Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something To Get Off My Chest

I am not the comic book geek I used to be, I am definitely not up to speed with the current comic books, but I still remember fondly the comic books I read back in the 70's and 80's. One in particular was Spiderman. Back in the 70's, Spidey had as many as 4 monthly books, plus many available reprints, for me to read. So, I well versed in the Spiderman mythos.

For years, I was waiting for a Spiderman movie. It took until the 21st century for one to come out and I thought it was quite good. The sequel was better. I liked the casting for the most part, and the costumes too. Still, I didn't think that Kirsten Dunst was totally right for the role of Mary Jane Watson. One of the reasons was that Mary Jane was a vivacious redhead, whereas Dunst is a cute blonde. Put a black headband on her and she would make for an ideal Gwen Stacy. I thought because the character was dead in the comic book series, there would be confusion in doing that. Okay, the ideal person for the role, Lindsay Lohan was too young at the time, so I can't fault the casting of Dunst, because how many people at the time would be a better fit?

So now, the third Spiderman movie is coming out and not only do they have Gwen Stacy in the movie but it's being played by a REDHEAD! Bryce Dallas Howard, a non vivacious red head is playing the very platinum blond, Gwen Stacy. Only in Hollywood!

Still, this pales in comparison to Kyle MacLachlan, a brown haired clean cut guy playing long haired blond guy Ray Manzerek.


AlNickerson said...

I so agree with you about Kirsten Dunst (horrible choice) and Lindsay Lohan (excellent choice). The few stills that I have seen of Bryce Dallas Howard look right on. She may very well be a wonderful Gwen Stacy...

As I have mentioned recently, I am still a huge comic book fan. I love reading comics. I love drawing comics. Despite all the ugly stuff I see while working in comics, my enthusiasm for comics is as strong as ever. Now, I might not read as many Marvel books as I had in my youth, but I still get excited about quality super-hero comics (like INVINCIBLE and JACK STAFF, for example).

Scanman said...

I actually picked up the New Frontier mini-series from the library. It's a cold war take on the various DC superheroes. It was done by Darwyn Cooke. I thought it was excellent.

AlNickerson said...

Darwyn Cooke draws real pretty. :)