Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Perspective....

You would think that the Democrats have totally collapsed in power when one Republican wins a Senate seat. That's all the MSM makes you think. But the Republicans are still one seat down from where they were a year ago AFTER Obama became president.

Remember, This time last year Republican Ned Lamont was still a Senator from Minnesota and Arlen Spector was a Republican.

Now if the Democrats would realize this and point out how already the new Republican governors are begging for money from the Fed because guess what? The budget they inherited is not going to be balanced with any tax cuts or any other conservative schemes.

This thirty year old idea of "trickle down" economics have nearly destroyed out economy and the tedious task of fixing it is in the process of being done as we speak. We need to realize that the party is over and the clean up needs to continue.

If we're going to cave into corporate banks that threaten us with punitive punishment because they're going to be taxed at a rate that is comparable to a middle class tax payer, We're doomed. They are already punishing us for merely being customers. Doing whatever they can to extract money from us no matter what we do with our money they use to give themselves 7, 8, figure bonuses.

A Little Help Is Needed....

Look at the photos below. they are of a lamp I have in the house I'm living in. It's a before and after shot of the lamp in the dining room. I was moving furniture when my head hit the bowl of the hanging pendant lamp and smashed it and it fell to the floor to shatter in pieces.

Now, It's not my lamp, My landlord installed it and I don't want him to know I broke it if I can avoid it. I believe it's a Hampton Bay lamp that's available only at Home Depot. I've been to Home Depot several times and haven't found the exact model nor have I found a close match to it. I went to the Home Depot/Hampton Bay web site and haven't found anything that would fit the scheme for a reasonable price.

Ideally I like to be able to just put a replacement bowl that has a 16" diameter with a hole in the center to make it presentable for the time I continue to live at this place. No matter where I look online or the few stores I've been to, I don't find anything really close in size and shape. I don't need to find the exact bowl but I'm getting frustrated at how hard it is to find something I can Jerry rig into fixing.

I'd appreciate any advice but be aware of the fact I have looked online using Google to look for pendant lamp glass bowls. If you know of any stores close by Union, New Jersey or any online stores that sells Pedant lamp parts I'd appreciate it.

Thank you,

Stephen Scanlon

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thing I Like...

I'm rooting for the New York Jets all the way but even if they don't beat the Colts, I'll still find the Super Bowl interesting. That's because it will feature at least ONE team that hasn't been in the Super Bowl for at least 33 years and that was the Vikings in 1977.

The Jets have the longest cold streak of any NFL team that has a Super Bowl ring, It was so long ago they weren't even in the NFL at the time. It was at a time when the Jets were in the AFL. 41 years! That's when they defeated their upcoming rival the Colts when the Colts were in Baltimore and in a different league from the Jets. This game is the closest to a Super Bowl III rematch possible.

The Saints are a hard luck team that has never even been to the Superbowl in its 43 year history. I'm hoping for a Saints win against the Vikings (I'm still miffed at Favre) so they can face the Jets in the Super Bowl.

I ain't making predictions though. I have no clue. The Colts are better on paper than the Jets but I'm a believer in the Jets karma.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tragic Pictures

Here's a series of picture of notable people with the person that killed them or with the person they killed.

Here's Nicole Brown Simpson with the REAL killer of her and Ron Goldman.

John Lennon with the man who would kill him a few hours later. One wonders how much that autograph will be worth a hundred years from now when everyone who was alive when John Lennon died will be dead.

I know, It's still too soon.

Marc Bolan of T. Rex fame with the woman who was driving the car that crashed into a tree killing Marc Bolan. She was driving because despite the fact Marc Bolan constantly qwrote songs about cars, He never got his drivers license.

This photograph features the only person who killed two people. Brynn Hartman murdered her husband Phil Hartman before turning the gun on herself.

I just find these photos fascinating because the victim didn't know the person who they seem happy with would kill them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Weak New Pipe Dreams Cartoon

I lost this one about halfway through, And I still had to edit it.

Friday, January 08, 2010

New Years Eve and Twins Pub Hanging out.

I've had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friends quite often the last few weeks. I have some pictures.