Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tragic Pictures

Here's a series of picture of notable people with the person that killed them or with the person they killed.

Here's Nicole Brown Simpson with the REAL killer of her and Ron Goldman.

John Lennon with the man who would kill him a few hours later. One wonders how much that autograph will be worth a hundred years from now when everyone who was alive when John Lennon died will be dead.

I know, It's still too soon.

Marc Bolan of T. Rex fame with the woman who was driving the car that crashed into a tree killing Marc Bolan. She was driving because despite the fact Marc Bolan constantly qwrote songs about cars, He never got his drivers license.

This photograph features the only person who killed two people. Brynn Hartman murdered her husband Phil Hartman before turning the gun on herself.

I just find these photos fascinating because the victim didn't know the person who they seem happy with would kill them.

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