Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thing I Like...

I'm rooting for the New York Jets all the way but even if they don't beat the Colts, I'll still find the Super Bowl interesting. That's because it will feature at least ONE team that hasn't been in the Super Bowl for at least 33 years and that was the Vikings in 1977.

The Jets have the longest cold streak of any NFL team that has a Super Bowl ring, It was so long ago they weren't even in the NFL at the time. It was at a time when the Jets were in the AFL. 41 years! That's when they defeated their upcoming rival the Colts when the Colts were in Baltimore and in a different league from the Jets. This game is the closest to a Super Bowl III rematch possible.

The Saints are a hard luck team that has never even been to the Superbowl in its 43 year history. I'm hoping for a Saints win against the Vikings (I'm still miffed at Favre) so they can face the Jets in the Super Bowl.

I ain't making predictions though. I have no clue. The Colts are better on paper than the Jets but I'm a believer in the Jets karma.

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