Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Perspective....

You would think that the Democrats have totally collapsed in power when one Republican wins a Senate seat. That's all the MSM makes you think. But the Republicans are still one seat down from where they were a year ago AFTER Obama became president.

Remember, This time last year Republican Ned Lamont was still a Senator from Minnesota and Arlen Spector was a Republican.

Now if the Democrats would realize this and point out how already the new Republican governors are begging for money from the Fed because guess what? The budget they inherited is not going to be balanced with any tax cuts or any other conservative schemes.

This thirty year old idea of "trickle down" economics have nearly destroyed out economy and the tedious task of fixing it is in the process of being done as we speak. We need to realize that the party is over and the clean up needs to continue.

If we're going to cave into corporate banks that threaten us with punitive punishment because they're going to be taxed at a rate that is comparable to a middle class tax payer, We're doomed. They are already punishing us for merely being customers. Doing whatever they can to extract money from us no matter what we do with our money they use to give themselves 7, 8, figure bonuses.

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