Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Ten Comedians Who Are Not Funny

1.Jay Mohr-How this guy continues to get jobs is beyond me. I want his agent.

2.Sarah Silverman-She didn't get any skits on SNL during the Adam Sandler/David Spade days, That says it all.

3.Adam Sandler-He was the go to guy during SNL's comedy nadir. That stench goes for nearly 2 hours in his movies.

4.Janine Garofalo- Snarky, without the humor. She almost makes me want to be a Republican. She was replaced on Air America by the funnier Ron Reagan, that's right, Ron Reagan.

5.Joe Rogan- The second weakest link on NewsRadio next to Khandi Alexander, who's not a comedian. His goal these days is to make people eat leeches, Call Dennis Leary a Bill Hicks rip off, and to pretend he's not losing his hair.

6.David Spade-Never funny, even before he helped SNL become the place to see music acts. They would perform THREE songs in those days.

7.David Steinberg-One of those guys from the late 60's and 70's that would explain how comedy works except he was unable to do it, Like Rush Limbaugh with politics.

8.Michael Ian Black-Snarky guy who thinks he's too cool to work on being funny. He helped create the VH1 "I Love The.." series, and kills the show's momentum when it's his turn to chime in. He killed any chance for me to enjoy the Show Ed.

9.Mo Rocca- He's barely 40 and is now doing "comedy" bits on CBS's Sunday Morning, a favorite of the 55+ crowd. Look for him to travel across America in a Winnebago to snark on America's quirkiness.

10.Kenan Thompsaon- He was "kid funny" on Kenan and Kel, but since he's been an adult, he's been a second rate Tracy Morgan, who's a third rate Chris Rock, who's a second rate Eddie Murphy.


Joey B said...

I agree, I just never GOT Adam Sandler! I always thought he was a one trick pony - "I'll do a dumb voice, and do a whole sketch based on that dumb voice" turned into "I'll do a dumbvoice, and do a whole MOVIE based on that dumb voice"- and make millions of dollars. WTF?!?!?

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